US Colt Model 1848 .44 Caliber ''Dragoon'' Pistol

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By Crusader1307

Another well-known firearm, The Colt Dragoon was especially designed for cavalry and Dragoon Regiments (for it's size and stopping power in combat). Designed to fire the .44 caliber shot, it was a 6-shot, muzzle-loading weapon that utilized a percussion cap ignition system. Developed after The Mexican-American War, the weapon was “heavy” at 4-pounds. It had an effective range of some 80 yards. At least 3 different versions of The Colt Dragoon were manufactured. Despite the advent of The Army .44 (in 1860), many soldiers still used The Dragoon (purchasing them if necessary). The Colt Dragoon also became a popular weapon in many Gunfights during the turbulent years of settling The American West. Some 20,000 were produced (with some exported to Europe).