US Colt M1903 ''Hammerless'' .32 Caliber Pistol

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By Crusader1307

Unusual in that a Military marketed Handgun would remain little changed since it’s manufacture in 1903, The Colt “Hammerless” Pistol was the chosen weapon of many US Army Officers. Featuring a “hidden” Hammer, this made it easier to conceal the Pistol in one’s pocket (would not snag when removed). Chambering a .32 Caliber round, it weighed only .24-onces and was 6.75-inches – 4 of which were barrel. The Model 1903 used a Stick Clip for 7-rounds (with 1 in the Chamber). It had an effective range of 75-yards. The US Government picked up Colt’s Contract and issued it to it’s Officers as a Personal handgun. The Model 1903 holds an infamous role in History, as well. It was very popular with some of America’s most well known Gangsters, such as Al Capone, John Dillinger and Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde infamy). Issued in great numbers to Officers during The Vietnam War, it was a popular “Hideaway” weapon. Some even made their way into the hands of The “Tunnel Rats”. The Model 1903 was chambered for the more popular. 380 ACP Round.  The Model 1903 would be replaced in 1970 finally, by the more powerful. 45 Caliber Colt Commander (still in use by some Officers).