US Colored Troops

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

By late 1862, The Union Army was at odds. No major victories were at hand, and it appeared that The Confederacy may very well win The Civil War. Coupled with many short term enlistments ending and a lack of volunteers, The Lincoln Government had enacted a National Draft. This met with great unrest and anger with the Northern Population. With the drafting by Lincoln of The Emancipation Proclamation – which set free all Slaves in The South, a possible solution was seen.


Lincoln would see twi major victories given to him by The Union Army. The first, the capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi after a year long siege and the epic fight at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. With these two laurels, Lincoln could pass his Proclamation. With this, was paved the way for Lincoln to authorize the conscription of Black Americans for general Military Service.


With The American Navy had long allowed Black (Freemen) to serve along side White Sailors for years, no Black American Infantry Regiments or related had been formed. The first, the all Black 54th Massachusetts Regiment would go one to win a tragic glory with their assault against the Confederate Fort Wagner in North Carolina (resulting in 70% casualties).


The first United States Colored Troops Corps. Was formed in late 1863 early 1864. Traditional American Infantry Regiments, they were commanded by White Officers only. Many of these Regiments would fight in The South until the end of The War – often distinguishing themselves in battle. Many would be used after The War during Reconstruction as an army of Occupation. Still many more would remain in Military Service, spanning out into both Infantry and Cavalry Regiments which would help ''win The West'' in The Indian Wars.