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By Crusader1307

The United States Christian Commission was a Civilian operated Organization created in 1861 at the outset of The American Civil War. After The Union Army's crushing defeat at it's first engagement of The The Battle of Bull Run, it was found that wounded soldiers suffered on the battlefield without even basic needs. The Commission was founded as an off shoot of The Young Man's Christian Association (YMCA). The Commission numbered 5,000 volunteers at it's height. Volunteers wore no uniforms and carried no weapons. They assisted Doctors, Nurses and Chaplains with their work. In addition, they helped look to the religious needs of soldiers recuperating from their wounds. As many as 1 million bibles were handed out to soldiers as was over 5 million USD in food and sundry goods. The Commission was credited with helping save many wounded soldiers at The epic Battle of Gettysburg (1863), as such – The Commission formed a Ladies Commission which fielded many hundreds of qualified Nurses into the battle field. The Commission was disbanded after The War in 1865 The organization was noted for using it's own Banner to identify it when in Camp in the field. The Banner was a White Field in entirety, with Black lettering printed on both sides which read ''United States Christian Commission''.