US ''Centennial'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

The US Centennial Flag was an ''unofficial'' National Flag, made popular during The 100th Anniversary of The establishment of The United States of America in 1776. While it's designer is unknown (although first examples were manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – The Centennial Flag was used in many functions to celebrate the anniversary. It was used from 1876 until 1877.


The Flag featured the traditional (7) Red Stripes and (6) White (total of 13) to represent the original 13 Colonies. The Upper Left Canton was Blue. However, The White stars used to represent each State of The Union were used to produce the year ''1776'' over ''1876'' in numbers (as opposed to the standard block representation). Unusually, the placement of the Stars as numbers is not 39 (as there were that number of States in 1876). In order to produce the numbers needed, a total of 81 Stars were used! Although ''unofficial'' many Centennial Flags were flown from US Army Frontier Forts during The Centennial.