US Browning HP 9mm Pistol

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By Crusader1307

Designed by John Browning in Belgium, The Browning HP 9mm Pistol was produced to counter the success of The Colt M1911 .45 Caliber Pistol. Produced in 1935, it was chambered to fire the 9mm round. It is estimated that over 1 Million were manufactured since it’s inception. Weighing 2.2-pounds and being only 8-inches in length, The US Army was initially not interested (due to the 9mm round). Some imported Models were converted to a .40 Caliber and marketed to State Police Agencies. As a Semi-Automatic version, the maximum effective range was 50-yards. A blowback cyclic function, The HP used a 13-round ammunition Clip. A Single and Double Action handgun, The Browning HP featured a rounded Slide (unlike the more squared Colt). The Colt would often “bite” The Shooter – with the Slide cutting the hand during operation. Used in limited numbers by The Allies (Officers) during World War II, when Germany invaded Belgium, The Waffen SS adopted The HP for a period. By The Vietnam War of the 1960s, The Browning HP saw limited use, mostly by American Special Operations Forces .