US Brewster F2A ''Buffalo'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

The Brewster F2A “Buffalo” was an early candidate for Carrier Aircraft within The US Navy. One of the first such Aircraft to include an external Arrestor Hook (to slow and capture an Aircraft when landing on the Deck of said Carrier), The “Buffalo” was so named for it’s “stocky” appearance. First deployed in 1939, The F2A proved to be no match against Imperial Japan’s “Zero” Fighters due to it’s sluggish maneuvering and overall weight. Soon after The Attack on Peral Harbor, The Brewster was retired. However, several hundred were sold to European Nations and saw limited combat use in World War II. Over 500 were produced for these uses. The Brewster crewed 1 Pilot. It was 27-feet long with a 35-foot wingspan. Powered by a single Wright 9-cylinder air-cooled Radial Engine, it could achieve slightly over 300-mph and had an operational ceiling of 33,000-feet. It was armed with Twin .50 Caliber wing mounted Machine Guns and Twin .50 Caliber Nose Guns. The Brewster was never designed for Bombing Missions. The Brewster served as the basis for The Finnish Air Force in World War II. They would remain as trainers until 1960. To date, only one Brewster (in flying order) – is known to exist.