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By Crusader1307

The United States Border Patrol – is a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, created as ''Mounted Guards'' in 1904. Raised by The US Department of Commerce and Trade, they were tasked with monitoring the flow of illegal access into The US from The Mexican Border. However, their number never rose above 75 men. As such, and giving to the vast expanse of Border with Mexico, The ''Guards'' often had to rely on help from other State Law Enforcement Agencies – such as The Texas Rangers.


In 1908, control of The now ''Border Patrol'' was given to The US Department of Labor. It remained as such until 1924, when a proper Border Patrol Agency was created. In 1932, US President Franklin Roosevelt gave control of The Patrol to The US Department of Justice. There, it grew to hundreds of Agents with Regional Stations along The Mexican and Canadian Borders. The Patrol, in addition to monitoring and apprehending illegal entry into The US, works closely with The US Drug Enforcement Agency to stem the flow of illegal substances from entering The Country.


In 2003, The Border Patrol was merged with The US Customs Enforcement Agency. Both Agencies were transferred over from The DOJ to The Department of Homeland Security. The Patrol actively participates in anti-terrorism activities since The Global War on Terrorism.


The Patrol was authorized it's own Flag (as a Federal Agency) in 1924. Their Colors are a solid Green Field in it's entirety. Centered and visible on both sides of The Flag, is the Blue and Gold Insignia Patch Design of The Patrol. This consists of a Blue Circle, trimmed in Gold and surmounted by a circle of 23-Gold Stars, with the wording ''US BORDER PATROL''. These are superimposed over the outline of The Continental United States. The Date and Year of The Agencies founding is included underneath the insignia. The Flag is flown at all official Patrol Structures and Check-points throughout The Country.