US Boeing XF8B Multi-Purpose Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The American Boeing Aircraft Company's ''attempt'' to provide ''quality'' Fighters to The US Navy during World War II, their XF8B was envisioned as a Multi-purposed Fighter Aircraft. Seen to be deployed as a Long Range, Carrier-Based Fighter, The XF8B was also designed as a Dive Bomber-Fighter, Air Cover Fighter and Recon Craft. The ''Five in One'' (as marketed) Fighter did well in test trials in 1944, but their cost was negated by the fact that The War was winding down. As such, only (3) were ever produced, and none saw combat. To be crewed by (1), The XF8B was 44-feet long with a wingspan of 55-feet. Power was provided from a Single Pratt & Whitney 28-cylinder Radial Engine, which provided 3,600-HP. Airspeed was rated to 450-mph. Operational Ceiling was 38,000-feet. Mission range was to 2,800-miles. Armament included was (6) 20mm Cannon and either Rocket or Bomb packages (2,000-lbs.).