US Boeing B29 ''Superfortress'' Heavy Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The "backbone Bomber" of The US Army Air Corps. - The "Super Fortress" was aptly named. The Boeing Aircraft Company answered The Government need for a super, long distance Heavy Bomber, needed to carry World War II into both the "hearts" of Germany and Japan. First deployed in small numbers in 1942, eventually over 4,000 would be produced. The B-29 had a 32,000 foot operational ceiling and could travel 3,250 miles. It's 4 prop engines could achieve 8,800 HP. It's munition capabilities enabled it to carry up to 12,000 pounds. The Bomber was 99-feet long and had massive 141-foot wings. Capable of a 358 mph airspeed, The B-29 was truly a "flying" Fort. It was armed with (12) .50 caliber Machine Guns. They were mounted in the nose, tail, sides and in dual Upper Turrets. The B-29 crewed 11 men. The Bomber was the first Heavy Bomber Class to begin consistent Bombing of Japan and her island military assets. The "Super Fortress" main claim to fame, was that it was the Bomber used to carry the first Atomic Weapons for deployment over the Japanese Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.