US BLU-82B ''Daisy Cutter'' Bomb

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By Crusader1307

The BLU-82B was an unguided Aerial Bomb used late in The Vietnam War. It was a massive Ordnance weapon used to instantly clear landing zones for Rotary Aircraft (Helicopters) and Artillery staging Positions. Weighing 15,000-pounds, it contained 12,600 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate and Aluminum Power with over 2,000-poinds of TNT. The BLU-82B could effectively level over 5,000 square yards of Jungle. Detonation was achieved by a 3-Inch fuse extension which protruded from the nose of the bomb. Upon impact with the ground, The blast created an over pressure of 1,000-pounds. It also minimized any impact craters. Deployment was by Cargo Plane, such as The C-130. The BLU-82B was in the same Class as The “Earthquake Bombs” of World War II  (“Grand Slam”, “Cloudmaker” and “Tallboy”). The largest conventional Bomb to that point, it was be replaced by The MOAB  (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) Device – currently in US Inventory. Due to the destruction. Nature of The BLU-82B, the safest altitude for deployment was 6,000-feet. Given the nickname of The “Daisy Cutter” by Soldiers  (due to the immediate defoliation of plant life in the explosion zone), it was first used in Laos in 1970 during “Operation 139”, the last use of a BLU Device was during The Afghanistan War in 2008.