US Bendix-Hyde M2 .45 Caliber Sub-Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

Seen as a possible replacement for The M1933 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun and a possible addition to The Browning Automatic Rifle, The Bendix-Hyde Model 2 as a lightweight, Carbine firearm marketed to The US Government in early 1941. America was not yet at War, yet many smaller Firearms Companies had begun to mass produce many prototypes for possible sales contract. As a .45 Caliber Round, The M2 was lightweight at 4-pounds and made of wood. A straight ammunition clip held 15-rounds. The M2 had a cyclic rate of 150-rpm. A blowback operating weapon, it handled well in wet conditions. As such, it was marketed towards The US Navy and Marine Corps. The M2 had a effective range of 75-yards. Despite many accolades, The Bendix-Hyde Company could not make a solid contract deal to The US Government (who passed). However, of the 200 produced – some did make their way into Europe (England and France).