US Beechcraft XA-38 ''Grizzly'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

The XA-38 ‘’Grizzly’’ Attack Fighter was developed for the proposed Invasion of Japan (Operation: “Olympia”) in 1944. With the eventual plan to use the Atomic Bomb as a means to end The War with Japan, it was never put into official operations. Only (2) were ever produced. Originally designed for (2) – a Pilot and Gunner, The XA-38 was 52-feet long with a wingspan of 68-feet. It was powered by twin Wright 3550 Radial Engines, capable of 2,300HP with a maximum speed of 320-mph. Capable of a range of over 1,600-miles, The ‘’Grizzly’’ was designed for both Carrier take-off and land based launches. The Aircraft had an operational ceiling of 30,000-feet. Armament for The ‘’Grizzly’’ was a forward (Nose Cone) mounted 75mm Cannon, which was to be used to destroy a number of Enemy Ground Armor Unit types. Air defense was handled by (6) wing mounted .50 Caliber Machine Guns. The Prototype was eventually scrapped, with a final production Model sent to The Air Force Museum. This Model disappeared in the 1960s, leaving only photographs of it’s existence.