US Beechcraft L28 ''Seminole'' Liaison Plane

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By Crusader1307

Produced by the well known Civilian Aircraft Designer Beechcraft, The Model L-28 ''Seminole'' was marketed to The US Military (in particular The Air Force) as a ''Liaison'' Plane. These Classes of aircraft were used to transport High Ranking Officers and Officials of The US Government from place to place. These Class of aircraft were seen as being more cost effective than deploying Cargo or related Aircraft (possibly needed for current Missions). Introduced in 1952, The ''Seminole'' (named for The Native American Tribe), was very popular – so much so that The Class was retired in 1992. Crewed by (2) with the capacity to transport up to (5), The L-28 was 32-feet long with a wingspan of 45-feet. Power was provided by Twin Lycoming Engines, capable of 340-HP each. Maximum speed was 270-mph, with an operational ceiling of 30,000-feet. Transport range was 1,000-miles. No armament was installed.