US Army Valorous Unit Citation

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By Crusader1307

Also known as The Valorous Unit Service Citation, this is an Award given to certain US Army Units who – during combat (War), have distinguished themselves with great courage and valor while in the ''face'' of an Enemy. The Citation was first created in 1963, and is on par with The US Silver Star Medal (and it's design scheme was based on that high Combat Award). The Citation is only awarded during War Time. Upon Award to the totality of a Unit, all Service Members (regardless of Class), who participated in the specified Operation, are authorized to wear The Citation. The Unit will then be authorized to wear The Award thereafter, as part of the Dress Uniform. Future Generations are only authorized to wear The Valorous Unit Citation only while assigned with that particular Unit of Award.


The Citation, as are previously discussed versions, only worn on the Right Side of The Uniform Dress Uniform (Over Pocket), and in order of Award with other Citations if Awarded. The Ribbon is a Field of Red, White and Blue Stripes – converging inward. The Entire Device is placed in a Gold Bar Frame (as is customary with most US Citations). The Citation is still currently issued to US Army Units.