US Army Tank Destroyer Badge

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By Crusader1307

While more accurately an Insignia worn on a Uniform, The US Army Tank Destroyer Badge was a limited issue Device used during World War II, by (2) ''Tank Destroyer'' Battalions deployed to The European Theater of War. As we have seen, a ''Tank Destroyer'' (in it's broadest sense), was a Specialized Infantry Regiment (Motorized), that used a variety of Ordnance to attack and destroy Enemy Armor (Tanks). The US M-10 ''Wolverine'' Fighting Vehicle was a classic example of such equipment. Detachments of Tank Destroyer Units also used Artillery and other forms of Munitions in this capacity. Existing from 1942 until 1945 (when disbanded), The Tank Destroyer was again (briefly) resurrected for The Korean Conflict of the 1950s. However, as military technology advanced to a degree that ''any Soldier'' could become a ''Tank Destroyer'' – by virtue of improved hand-held weapons systems, the need for heavy and dedicated Battalions of this nature – ceased.


The Device used to identify a Member of The Battalions was a Brass cut profile of a M-10 ''Wolverine'' Vehicle. Enlisted Personnel had these fitted to a circular Disc, which was worn on the Color lapel of The Dress Uniform. The unmounted profile version was worn similarly by Officers of The Battalion.