US Army Meritorious Unit Citation

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By Crusader1307

The ''Meritorious Unit Citation'' is a Ribbon device awarded to US Armed Forces Units – who have displayed ''Meritorious or Outstanding Acts during both War and Peace''. It was created in 1947 by The Pentagon. Each US Armed Force has a version. The US Army Version (as a Citation), is larger than a standard Ribbon, and is framed in a Gold colored medal frame. The Ribbon color is Scarlet Red. For The Army, all Citations are only worn on Dress Uniforms and are ''dressed'' on The Right Upper Coat Pocket (either centered of added with other such Citations).


As with tradition, should The Citation be awarded to a Division. Any Soldiers (Officers included), who are present with The Division at time of award, may continue to wear The Citation when they leave to another Assignment. Should a Solider be assigned to such an awarded Unit after, they are only authorized to wear The Citation as long as they service with that Unit.