US Army Expert Infantryman Badge

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By Crusader1307

Created and authorized for wear by US Army Infantrymen during World War II in 1943  The Expert Infantryman Badge (also known as The EIB), is a Skills Identifier, worn on all versions of The US Army Uniform, only by those qualified as Infantrymen in The United States Army. The Badge is worn on the left Breast. It is a rectangular, elongated Device roughly 4.5-inches in length. The front of The Badge is a light French Blue color enamel. Framed in Silver, The Badge has a Kentucky “Long Rifle” superimposed on the Front. This is in keeping with The Army and it’s Colonial Origins during The Revolutionary War of the 18th Century. 


The criteria for award has greatly changed with “The Times” and ever changing skill sets of the Basic Infantryman. The assigned Course is composed of passing many tests in Land Navigation, Weapons Proficiency and other Courses indicative to an Infantryman’s skill set. In most cases, one must “Go or No Go”. This strict Pass or Fail criteria is designed you protect the integrity of The Badge. Not all Infantrymen attempt the Course. A subdued version is sewn onto The Fatigues (although this can be also a Blacked Metal Device which is pinned). Certain Foreign Service Exchange Students can also train and attempt the Course. They can wear The Expert Infantry Badge, contingent upon their own Countries Uniform Regulations. The Expert Infantryman Badge is related to (but considered different from), The Combat Infantryman Badge or CIB.