US Army Combat Infantryman Badge

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By Crusader1307

Related to the previously discussed US Army Expert Infantryman Badge, The “Combat” Infantryman Badge, is considered a separate Award, given to US Army Infantrymen. Although different, one must have already earned The EIB to qualify for issuance of The CIB. Designed and authorized by US Congress in 1943, during World War II – it bears an almost identical appearance to The Expert Badge. The CIB retains the elongated rectangular shape, Rifle image and color scheme. However, The CIB features a Silver Wreath which is placed behind the Device. A space is left at the top portion were the Wreaths “meet”. 


The CIB is awarded for an Infantryman who serves in War, for a minimum of 6-months under Enemy contact (also known as a “Combat Zone”). Only 1 issuance per “War” is given. Subsequent issuances or Wars, allows The Wearer to add a single Silver 5-pointed Star, placed in the spacing between The Wreath ends. This process is completed to the maximum amount of 3 Stars. Coupled with the non-standard version, 3 such Stars would indicate that a Soldier had “fought” in 4-Wars. The Combat Infantry Badge Award cannot be worn simultaneously with The Expert Badge, and one or the other may be worn. However most Recipients prefer to wear the “higher” CIB, when earned. Versions ate worn on The Full Dress and Duty Fatigue Uniform.