US Army Combat Action Badge

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By Crusader1307

Created in 2005, The US Army Combat Action Badge – was created to honor non-Combat Arms Personnel who were ''exposed to direct Enemy Action, which required them to defend themselves and others.'' It was made retroactive to September of 2001. The Award is currently issued. Over 70,000 such Devices have been issued.


Worn on The Dress Uniform (Left side, over all Ribbons or Medal Devices) – The CAB (as it is known), is a Silver Device, which consists of a Plaque to which is engraved a Army Bayonet over a Grenade. A Silver Wreath surrounds the entirety of The Award. There is only one issuance of The CAB (subsequent Actions are not recognized). A Cloth (fatigue) version is also worn on The Duty Uniform.


With the previously discussed Expert Infantry and Combat Infantry Badge is worn exclusively by Infantrymen (once qualified), recent Regulations state that it can be awarded to them as well, providing they do not have either The EIB or CIB and do not qualify for it. Should the Recipient eventually earn either, His CAB is removed from wear (but not from official recognition). Officers can also earn The CAB.