US Army Bronze Star Medal

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By Crusader1307

The Bronze Star Medal was created by The US Army and authorized by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1944. It was first awarded to soldiers who displayed "Heroic Service against and Enemy directly, or through exposure to Enemy fire which caused a threat of bodily harm, within a designated Combat Zone". The Bronze Star was awarded retroactively to all Service Members starting as of December, 1941. To distinguish it Award from one's direct exposure to Enemy fire and actual Combat, a small "V" (Valor) Device wad created, to be worn directly on the ribbon portion of the Medal. The Medal is also one of the few US Army Decorations that can be given to Civilians, who are working with or for The Army and who, qualify for it's issuance criteria.


The Bronze Star is second to The Silver Star Medal. Currently issued to all US Armed Forces, the Medal is a Bronze color. In the again of a 5-pointed Star, it is embossed with a series of raised ridges, in which a smaller 5-pointed Star is centered. The clothes ribbon is Red in color, bordered in a series of thinner White Stripes. Centered within the Red, is a Blue Stripe (bisecting the whole).