US Army Advisor Tab

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By Crusader1307


The US Army ''Advisor'' Tab was created in 2018 to identify the new Army Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB). Their primary Mission is to assist in training of friendly Foreign National Forces. These Foreign Forces (often representing newly formed Governments such as Iraq and Afghanistan), do not have a recognized and trained Army. The SFAB normally ''embeds'' with these Units, training them in tactics and related Military functions. This function was normally reserved only to Army Special Forces Units, who regularly performed these functions in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America in the 1960s to 1980s. Trained in the relative Cultural and Societal norms of their ''Host Nation'' (to include speaking of Native Languages), each Soldier is a Specialist in a particular Military Skill. To identify such Assistance Brigades, The ''ADVISOR'' Tab was created. The Tab (a cloth device worn on The Left Upper Sleeve nearest The Shoulder, is placed above any Unit Identification Patch. The Tab has a Red Field with the word ''Advisor'' in Gold. The entirety of The Tab is trimmed in Gold as well. Currently, The Tab is authorized for wear only while assigned withing a SFAB.