US Army Achievement Medal

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By Crusader1307

The US Army Achievement Medal was created in 1981, as a means of recognizing those Soldiers who had made contributions to The Army Mission as a whole. Most other US Services had already had some form of Achievement Medal or Ribbon (the oldest was The USMC Version in 1967). The US Army Achievement Medal is issued when the action or activity is not eligible for a higher Decoration. While never considered a ''Combat Issue'' Award, since 2001, The Medal has been used as such to identify actions in The Field which did not rise to the level of a Valor Award. Over 60,000 Achievement Medals have been issued since 2001.


The Award, by recommendation at Company Level, MUST be approved by at least (1) Officer within The Awardee's Command. The request is then submitted To The Department of The Army for final approval and ultimate Award.


The Medal is an Octogonal shaped Device, which is Gold in color. The Front bears The US Army Crest. The Reserve bears the wording ''For Military Achievement''. The Ribbon is a series of (4) ''Army Green'' Stripes divided by smaller White Stripes. Centered, are (2) Blue Stripes, divided again by (2) smaller White Stripes. Subsequent Awards are identified by Gold Oak Leave Cluster Devices, affixed t The Ribbon's Center.Although originally conceived as an Award for Enlisted Personnel, The Army Achievement Medal is also awarded to Officers as well.