US Army 82nd Infantry Division Flag

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By Crusader1307

Created at Camp (later Fort) Gordon, Georgia for service in World War I (1917), The 82nd Infantry Division was given the now well known Divisional Patch of a colored square with multiple English Letter “A”s. This represented the Divisional Motto “All American” (relating to The Division having Soldiers from all then 48-States serving). Over 8,000 casualties were listed killed in World War I. During the Interim years after World War I and II, The 82nd was redesignated as an Experiment Parachute Training Battalion (along with The 101st). The Army began to experiment with using Combat Infantry Forces that could be parachuted into or behind Enemy Lines. With The start of World War II, The 82nd and 101st were chosen as a primary assault Force during the opening phases of The Normandy Invasion of Europe in 1944. The 82nd Division would continue to serve in every American Conflict since. Part of The 18th Airborne Corps. – they are the only Combat Parachute Division currently in service (and are part of The Worldwide Rapid Response Force). The Divisional Colors of The 82nd Division features (2) horizontal stripes which occupy the entirety of the Field. The upper stripe is Red and the lower dark Blue. Centered in the Field is the full color representation of The “AA” Divisional Patch of The 82nd  Divisional Colors, they are only displayed during Divisional Headquarter Functions (such as Parades and Ceremonies) – or flown along for the presence of The Divisional Commander (General).