US Army 24th Infantry Division

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By Crusader1307

Founded in 1921 in Hawaii, The 24th Division (also known as "The Taro Division" (for the distinctive Native Taro plant), was a traditional Infantry composite Unit, until Mechanized in the 1930s. Their Motto, "First To Fight", is well earned. During the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, The Division was the first US Army Unit to be attacked (their Barracks were repeatedly straffed by Japanese Aircraft. The first US Army soldier killed at Pearl Harbor came from The 24th. Deployed to The Pacific Theater or War, The Division earned 6 Medals of Honor and over 3,000 Combat Valor Medals from 1941 to 1945. They also participated in Occupation duties in Japan before being sent back to Hawaii. Sent into The Korean Conflict on 1950, The Division was almost constantly engaged against both Communist Chinese and North Korean Troops, suffering 10,000 casualties with their first 18-months of deployment.


The 24th was sent into Germany in 1958 to be among the first Army Units to guard "The Wall" in Berlin. When Rebels threatened the Government of President Nasser in Lebanon, The 24th served as Peacekeepers (until 1962). The Division was sent back to The US in 1970.  Turned into a Reserve Component, The 24th was reactivated and sent to The Gulf War in The 1990s. After The War, The Division remained active in The US until it was finally deactivated from both Reserve and Active Duties in 2012. Their Colors were retired to The US Army Heraldry Institute. The Divisional Patch is a circular device. The entirety of the Patch is Red. Centered in Green, is a Taro Leave - trimmed in Gold.