US Army 1st Cavalry Division

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By Crusader1307

The iconic Patch of the 1st Cavalry Division was created for The Division with it organization in 1921. Headquartered at Ft. Hood, Texas - The Division retained it's traditional use of Horse's (even though it had been designated as an Armored Component). The Divisional Motto is "The First Team", and uses the martial tune "Garryowen" as it's official Divisional song. By the time The 1st Division was deployed to The Pacific Theater in World War II  (1943), it had retired it's horses (to ceremonial uses only). The Division fought at Leyte Gulf, Luzon and was part of The Occupation Army of Japan after The War.


During The Korean War (1950-1953), The 1st Division earned 8 Medals of Honor and fought in 4 major Battles. Again deployed to Southeast Asia, during The Vietnam War, The Division was the first US Army Unit to engage The North Vietnamese Army in 1965, at The Battle of The Ia Drang Valley. The 1st Division remained in Vietnam until 1972 - fighting in many well-known engagements. Due to the dense jungles and terrain of Vietnam, their Armor vehicles were incompatible. The 1st was the first Unit to deploy with The Bell Helicopter UH-1.


This earned them the additional nickname of "Air Cavalry". This type of equipment would become The Divisions trademark henceforth. The Division has been active in every single military conflict involving America since Vietnam. They are currently deployed in The Middle East. The Divisional Patch is considered the largest worn. The inverted, Oval Teardrop is Cavalry Yellow with a Black Stripe bisecting the Patch Field at a left angle. In the Upper right corner is the Black silhouette of a Horses head (the symbol of The Cavalry).