US Armed Forces Prisoner of War Medal

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By Crusader1307

The US Armed Forces Medal was created under Presidential Order in 1985. Prior to this, The US Military had no Medal or Award for US Servicemen who had been ''Captured and held in captivity by Enemy Forces during time of War''. The Award was made to be retroactively given to any Rank of Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airmen to date of 1917. In cases of ''undeclared War'', The Medal is given on a case by case basis. Should The Recipient die while in such captivity, The Medal is commonly given to the survivor Family or Next of Kin. In most cases of The Medal award, The US ''Purple Heart'' is commonly given in tandem.


The Medal is a circular Gold Device, which features an engraved Federal Eagle. The Eagle is surrounded by barbed wire (to symbolize captivity). The Reverse normally is reserved for personal information engraving (dates of captivity, etc). The Ribbon is Black in entirety, with Red, White and Blue Striping on the perimeter of The Ribbon.