US Armed Forces Iraq Campaign Medal

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By Crusader1307

Created in 2004 under authority of US President George W. Bush, The Iraq Campaign Medal is Awarded to any US Armed Forces Member (regardless of Rank) – who actively participated in Combat Operations against The Country of Iraq, during The 2003 War. The Medal was continued for issuance as an Occupation Forces Award until 2011.


The Medal is a Bronze Circular Device, upon which is engraved on The Front – the image facade of The Country of Iraq. This is surrounded by a Wreath of Honor. Over the image are the words ''IRAQ CAMPAIGN''. The Reverse bears the inscription ''FOR SERVICE IN IRAQ''


The Ribbon features the Colors of The Iraq National Flag – separated by Tan (to represent the natural color of The Desert). The small Stripes to Left and Right are Red, White, Green and Black. Combat Missions and deployments throughout The Medals Award ''life'' (subsequent deployments) are identified by various Devices placed on The Ribbon (depending on The Branch of Service criteria).