US Armed Forces Afghanistan Campaign Medal

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By Crusader1307

The ''Afghanistan Campaign Medal'' is a US Armed Forces Service Medal, created in 2004.Retroactive to Operations beginning in 2001, The Medal is given to any Member of The US Military who served in The Country of Afghanistan (Land, Sea and Air Operations) – for a Period of no less than 30-consecutive days. The Award is also immediately given to any US Armed Forces Member who is killed in Country (regardless of duration). The Medal is still actively awarded.


The Device is a Gold Colored, circular Award. The Front features a Geographical Map of Afghanistan, with a series of engraved Mountains and Palm Trees. The phrasing ''AFGHANISTAN CAMPAIGN'' is placed surrounding this image. The Rear bears the Profile of the Head of an American Bald Eagle, surrounded by an unbroken Wreath. The Phrasing ''FOR SERVICE IN AFGHANISTAN'' is placed under The Eagle. It is common to have the year(s) of Service engraved on the Rear of The Medal. The Ribbon portion of The Medal is based on The Afghanistan National Flag, a series of Stripes in the colors Green, Red, Black and White. A smaller series of smaller Red and Blue Stripes are Centered.