US AGM-28 ''Hound Dog'' Missile

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By Crusader1307

Developed for The US Military in 1959 – The AGM-28 ''Hound Dog” was a Turbojet, early Cruise Missile. The primary use for to strike at potential Soviet Ground Based assets prior to a larger Bomber Response. The “Hound Dog” was deployed from various Long Range and Heavy Class Bombers. They weighed close to 11,000-pounds and were 43-feet long. Device height was 9-feet with a 28-inch diameter. The AGM-28 was also designed to carry a 350-Kilo to 1-Megaton Warhead. The AGM-26 had a 52,000-foot service ceiling. The unique propulsion system had The “Hound Dog” Turbojet mounted directly underneath the Missile Fuselage. They were both Aircraft and Ground controlled by Radar guidance. Detonation was via direct contact or airburst. The Device was a mainstay Defense Missile which was championed by US President John Kennedy (as a Senator). For 15-years, The AGM-28 was part of America's Tactical Nuclear Inventory – until replaced by smaller and newer Air-To-Air Missiles.