US AGM-140 ''Ripper'' Missile

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By Crusader1307

Deployed in 1994, The AGM-130 was a Air-to-Ground Guided Missile – used by The US Military (US Navy and Air Forces). The Missile was a aerial launched platform (in particular F-111 and F-15 Fighters). These platforms could deploy only (2) such Missiles. The ''Ripper'' was a Class below The Massive Ordnance Bomb (MOAB). The Missile saw Combat service in Iraq (1990s) and during The Kosovo (UN) Campaign of 1999. Much of the rated information of The AGM-130 is still somewhat classified. Decommissioned in 2013, The ''Ripper'' was over 2,000-lbs. and was 13-feet long (15-inches in diameter). The Missile had a Rocket Fueled Engine (Motor), which allowed for Sub-Sonic Speeds (exact – unknown). Operational ceiling may have been as high as 30,000-feet with a Range of close to 50-miles. The AGM-130 was designed as both a Conventional and Nuclear Device. Over 500 Models were produced.