US 1st Illinois Cavalry Regiment

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By Crusader1307

Raised for service in The American Civil War of 1861, The 1st Ilinois Cavalry Regiment consisted of (5) Companies of Mounted Soldiers (800 Officers and Men). They were raised in 1861 in Alton, Illinois. The Regiment was another of the ''Short Term'' Enlistments which were created at the star of what was considered by most a ''short War''. All but (1) Company Mustered out of service in 1862.


Company ''H'' would see service in Mississippi and Tennessee against Confederate Forces. The Regiment would be mustered out in 1863, having taken 200 Enemy Horse and 167 Prisoners. They would only lose 43 Men to The War (killed).


The 1st would be incorporated into The Illinois Nation Guard in the 1890s and during The Spanish-American War (1898), would Garrison several Forts in The US. They would again be called into Active duty during World War I and II, serving as Scouts and Reconnaissance Units throughout Europe. After World War II, The 1st was amalgamated into The 106th Cavalry (ING).