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By Crusader1307

A seldom told story involves American Patriot ''Radicals'' led by American Citizen Ira Allen – who in 1796, wished to invade Quebec (Canada, then under English control) – and declare it a sovereign ''Country''. Allen purchased a Ship and was able to secure 20,000 Muskets and related equipment for his ''Army''. He was duly captured at Sea, where his cargo was confiscated. Not to be undone, Allen abandoned his Quebec plan and sought to unify his native State of Vermont with any expatriates of Quebec who wished to leave Canada and come to Vermont. With this “Army'' he planned to carve out a portion of Vermont as ''United Columbia''. His idea took no real measure and for most of his like minded comrades, ''United Columbia'' failed with a year.


The National Archives in Paris, France had what is purported to be a Flag (made by Allen) – of United Columbia. The Field is designed after the French National Tricolor of Blue, White and Red. However, a Green Stripe is present, splitting The White Stripe. Records indicate that Allen placed this color in honor of his State of Vermont.