Unit Flags

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

In The American Civil War (and as was seen prior), a common practice among Militia (or Volunteer Units), was the use of “Personal Colors” or “Unit Colors”. Designed to be Patriotic or a “morale builder”, such flags were as varied in design and color as the spectrum of a Rainbow. More commonly seen in Confederate Units (although The Union in The North was NOT immune) – Unit Colors reflected sentiment with regards to The War. Often, some portion of “The Battle Flag” or “National Colors” were incorporated into these flags. Mottos and phrases were also used. Coming into precedent after National or Regimental Colors, these flags were more often made for a Unit by it's Town's ladies and a gift (and a token of good luck). The numbers that were used (and captured) are vast. Mostly by the end of The War, most Unit Colors were no longer used (by both sides).