Union Hussars

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Another attempt at replicating the iconic European Armies of the Day, Hussars were light Cavalry Forces that used (on occasion) – dismounted Infantry tactics. At the beginning of The American Civil War (1861-65), The Union Army raised several Hussar-style Regiments. The most famous, was the 3rd New Jersey Hussars (Cavalry). They participated in many of the battles fought by The Army of The Potomac. Using brightly braided Short Jackets and the stylish “Hussars Cap”, US Hussars used as lighter Saber and smaller caliber repeating Rifles. Their goal was to be highly mobile and light. Eventually, the “Romantic” title of Hussars was dropped for the standard “Cavalry” Title. The Confederacy conversely, did not deploy the Hussar-Style of Cavalry among it's mounted Forces.