Union General Phil Sheridon's Guidon

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By Crusader1307

General Philip Sheridan was a key figure in American Cavalry during it's Civil War (1861-1865). Short in stature, he earned the nickname of “Lil Phil”. His skill and tenacious abilities in the saddle had little to do with his height however. Never giving up, it was Sheridan who would ride his his Brigade some 45-miles non-stop to cut off a retreat that (if not completed) – may have allowed a beaten Confederate General Lee and his Army to escape from their final fight at Appomattox Court House (Virginia). As was common for Field Grade Officers, Sheridan had his own “Personal Colors” made for his use. Based on the Cavalry Guidon, it had a Red Upper Field with a White Field directly underneath. Twin Stars of opposing colors where placed to represent the rank of Sheridan (Major-General).