Union Chasseurs

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

As mentioned, many US Army Units in the beginning of The American Civil War adopted the colorful and elaborate uniforms used by the then French Army. The Zouave Regiments were just one example. Another “French Styled” Unit were The 65th New York Infantry (or 1st US Chasseurs). Although their uniform was basically the same as most early Union Army uniforms, The Chasseurs wore Gray Trousers and a lighter Federal Blue Coat. The Coat was trimmed in french “loops” (or braid). Originally, The Chasseur wore a Gray Kepi Hat. This was replaced early by the Hardee Hat (similar to The Iron Brigade). US Chasseurs were tasked with scouting and providing advance Skirmishers to a Main Infantry body of soldiers. They served from 1st Manassas (1861, Virginia) all the way through to the end – at Appomattox Court House (1865, Virginia). Another famous US Chasseur Regiment was the all Black US Chasseurs de Afrique (noted for their Black and Red Uniforms).