Union Army of The Ohio

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Created in 1863, The US Army of The Ohio was a major Military formation of The Union Army (American Civil War). It was developed from the earlier Department of The Ohio (1861). At it's beginning, The Army was only 4,000 Officers and Men. By it's first major engagement at The Battle of Shiloh, it would crow to slightly over 17,000 effectives. (5) Corps, composed Infantry Cavalry and Artillery support Regiments. The Army was the major engagement Force for The Union in The Western Theater of The War. They were even given the difficult task to suppress Confederate Raider John Mosby and His Raiders (who penetrated into Ohio).


The Army of The Ohio was also a major component deployed along with General William Sherman's Army and plan for the total destruction of the Lower South, with his ''Atlanta to The Sea'' Campaign of 1864. They participated in The Siege of Atlanta, Georgia, listing close to 4,000 casualties as a result. Eventually, The Army would pursue the last Major Confederate Army (General Joe Johnson), which became The North Carolina Campaign of 1865. After The War, The Army of The Ohio would participate in The Grand Review of The Union Army (Army of The Republic) – reviewed by President Lincoln in Washington DC.


The Army listed a loss of 9,000 Officers and Men as casualties – combined from killed and wounded reports. (8) Medals of Honor would be earned by it's Officers and Men during The War.