Union Army of The Gulf

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Constituted from various US Army Corps. as well as elements of The Army of Tennessee, The Army of The Gulf occupied the captured Confederate State of Louisiana in 1862, during The American Civil War. It was commanded originally by Union General Benjamin Butler. It listed 120,000 effectives. The Army saw little actual combat action, save the ill-fated Red River (Mississippi) Campaign of 1864. The Army of The Gulf was to be used as a spearhead Force for the planned Invasion of Mobile, Alabama (after the successful Mission against The Mort of Mobile by Union Naval Forces) – but these plans were ceased.


Later after The War, The ''Army'' was re-designated The Department of The Gulf – briefly. Whereas Louisiana fell early in The Civil War – the use of an Occupation Force was not needed. Many Units not mustered out in 1865-66 were sent to The Western Frontier for use against Native American hostilities.