Union 5th Minnesota Infantry

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

The 5th Minnesota Infantry was raised in early 1862 and was assigned to The Army of The Ohio. It was composed of (10) Companies of 800 Officers and Men. The Regiment fought in a record number of American Civil War Battles and skirmishes, numbering (37). The Regiment was first engaged at The Siege of Corinth, Mississippi (which lasted over 30-days). The Regiment suffered 30% combat casualties as a result of several high profile charges against reinforced Confederate positions. They were reinforced and would participate in the ''invasion'' of Lower Mississippi, and took place in The Siege of Vicksburg (1863). The Regiment would spend the remainder of it's service fighting throughout Northern Louisiana. Lower Mississippi and portions of Western Alabama. When mustered out of Federal service at the end of The War in 1865, The 5th Minnesota counted 400 combat related deaths.


The Regiment wore the regulation Federal Blue Uniform, at first using The Hardee Hat (common with many Union Regiments at the start of The War). Later, they too would adopt the French Kepi Cap. The Regiment carried The National Flag and used their State Flag as their Regimental Standard. This featured a Blue Field in entirety, with The State Seal Centered. Several Bannerolls placed on The Colors identified The Unit. The Regiment did not use Battle Honor embellishments.