Union 52nd New York Infantry Flag

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By Crusader1307

The 5 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an all German-American United which fought for The Union Army during The American Civil War of 1861-1865. They were raised in New York City in 1861. The Regiment was nicknamed "The German Rangers". Assigned to The Army of the Potomac, The 52nd participated in 25 major engagements of The War. They lost 352 Men in combat, 199 of which wad due to disease (a common killer in Civil War Armies on both sides). At Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, The Regiment lost 4 Field Officers in 1 day. One NCO was awarded The Medal of Honor for his gallantry at The Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia  (1864). Their Unit Flag (carried with The National Colors), was a White Field in entirety. Green "Wreaths of Glory" were placed in all four corners of the Flag. In the Center, was a full sized and colored "Lady Liberty" astride a Flying Eagle, holding The Stars and Stripes, aloft. The Regiment's "Battle Honors" (engagements), were stitched in Gold, throughout.