Union 33rd New Jersey Infantry

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Formed rather late in The American Civil War, The 33rd New Jersey Infantry was mustered into service with The Union Army in 1863. In was composed of (6) Companies of roughly 700 Officers and Men. The Regiment was assigned to (first) The Army of The Potomac and later with General Sherman and His Army of Georgia. It was with Sherman that The 33rd saw most of their combat service. The Regiment fought in most of General Sherman's most hard pressed battles in his ''March To The Sea'' (the determined destruction of Georgia and it's separation from The Confederacy). The Regiment lost 30% casualties at The Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee (1863). In this action, a Regimental Officer won The Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism at The Battle of Missionary Ridge.


The Regiment would be serve until The War's end in 1865 and took part in The Grand Review of The Union Armies at Washington, DC. They accounted for 200 Officers and Men lost to The War. The 33rd New Jersey was another of The Union Army's ''Zouave'' Units. However, rather than the more colorful variants often used, The Regiment maintained a Federal Blue color scheme throughout. The Uniform was embellished with Red piping. The Kepi (French) Cap was popular.