Union 3rd Connecticut Infantry

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Perhaps the ''shortest'' Regiment to serve in The Union Army, The 3rd Connecticut Infantry was raised in May of 1861 to fight for The Union in The American Civil War. They were a ''3-Month'' Regiment with Service Contracts only stipulated for that. (5) Companies were recruited. The Regiment saw only (1) major combat engagement, which was the disaster known as The Battle of Manasas or 1st Bull Run (Virginia, 1861). The Union Army, ill prepared and commanded poorly – was defeated by Confederate Forces ''right out of The Barn!'' (as was a popular and colorful period description). Suffering no Casualties, The 3rd Connecticut was placed on ''Pickett'' (Advance Guard) Duty in Northwest Virginia, were it remained until it's enlistment term ended in August of 1861. It is unclear how many of it's soldiers re-enlisted in other Units. The Regiment wore the standard (and early issue), Federal Uniform. This was the full wool Frock Coat with Light Blue trim and Kersey Blue Trousers. The Regiment also was issued the soon to be outdated Hardee Hat. They carried The Wisconsin State Flag with their Regimental identifier.