Turban Helmet

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By Crusader1307

Developed along the same lines as most European styles, many Middle Eastern Kingdoms saw the need for some form of protection for their troops. Originally thought of as “unmanly” for a warrior to even need to protect himself (Martyrdom was just as popular to them as it was to a Crusader). Still, the need to protect one's soldiers (to fight another day), became tantamount. The Turban Helmet (as coined in English), was a conical shaped, Barbute-type protective headgear. Often extending downward to not only protect the neck, ears and almost the entirety of the wearers face. Often, a slender Nasal Guard could be attached (or removed) to suit the wearer. Turban Helmets were also used with Mail Coifs or Pixane Mail. Seen in the late 14th Century – they did not carry onward much past the 16th Century.