Tuck Sword

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By Crusader1307

A standard weapon seen on the battlefields of The English Civil War (1642-46), The Tuck was popular with Infantry and some Cavalry Units, alike. Featuring a much smaller blade than most bladed weapons of the Era, The Tuck had a 28 to 35-inch, single-edged blade. Some versions were purposely sharpened on the upper portion of the blade to turn The Tuck into a even deadlier weapon. As “Mortuary Swords” were the more popular blade of choice, The Tuck featured a similar hand-guard. The “Basket” was not as enclosed or embellished (to allow more freedom of movement). The Tuck weighed around 3 to 4 -pounds (depending on the “heavier” of modified blades). Tuck Sword were used more for stabbing weapons (as opposed to slashing ones). Tucks were also normally carried in wooden or fully steeled scabbards