Triple Entente

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By Crusader1307

The ''Triple Entente'' was a Political alliance formed between The Countries of Great Britain, France and Russia. While in part a Treaty, unlike most that touted ''mutual defense'', none of the signatories required such. The goal of The Entente was aimed at establishing a Political ''rival'' to the dominance of German, Austria-Hungary and Italy or ''Triple Alliance'' (formed in 1882). The Entente formed in 1904.


Establishing Internationally recognized boundary's and borders, establishing the right to Colonization and Territorial acquisition that was not by force but by political and social acceptance, The Entente was seen as a mild ''threat'' The The Alliance. In manners of political ''redress'', The Entente agreed to meet (diplomats) and ''hash out'' such difference. The ultimate goal was to eliminate major Conflicts.


When World War I began in 1914, The Triple Entente would become The Allied Powers (a term which would endure politically until today). The Allies readily agreed (then) that any political measures coming from The War (Treaties, etc.) - would be equally agreed to by all. In some respects, they were the beginning of the short lived League of Nations (the precursor to The current United Nations).