Triple Disc Armor

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By Crusader1307

Also identified as “Triple Disc” Armor, this style of early Armor plating/suit dates to the 4th and 5th Centuries B.C. Linked with The Samnite Peoples of Southern Italy, this was a cast bronze protective system which involved a small Breastplate Cuirass with 3 bronze plates affixed to the front. It is possible that some also featured this design on the Backplate as well. The plates provided protection to the Wearer's abdomen and chest (the most most common “strike points” for sword or spear). Normally, Bronze Arm Cuffs and Greaves would complete that suit. The Triple Disc Suit was jointed either by strap or bronze links. VERY few have survived (or been discovered). The design would later be adopted (in part), by Ancient Roman (Kingdom Period).