Treaty of Verdun

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

This Treaty was implemented (as a result of The Battle of Fontenoy in 841) and sworn to in Verdun (now France) during August of 843. The Treaty shaped the political history of Europe by dividing The Frankish Empire into 3 parts. Designed to end the Dynastic Wars among the Grandsons of the late Emperor Charlemagne, the Treaty gave Charles The Bald – the Western part of The Empire. This went from The Atlantic (South) to Spain. This encompassed an Eastern Border along the (then) Rhone, Saone and Schildt Rivers. This “Territory” would eventually become France. Louis received The Eastern portion of The Empire (near Speyer, Worms and Manz). With also encompassed the Territories of Franconia, Saxony, Bravaria and Swabia (in other words, Germany). Finally, Lothair would receive the Central portion of The Empire and be allowed to keep the title of “Emperor” (that the other two could NOT use). His territory (going North), was called “The Middle Kingdom”. This encompassed The North Sea, Lorraine and Burgundy (as well as Provence and portions of Italy). He was also chiefly responsible for Rome and Aachen.