• Historical Clothing
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By Crusader1307

The ''Tippet'' may have evolved from The Zibellino (worn by Noble Women) in the 14th Century, as a way for Commoner women to emulate them – in fashion. The original pelt strip was likewise worn around the waist. Some versions were also worn suspended by straps around the arm. These were not embellished, but in time, many Tippets were dyed different colors. Later, Tippets in form were worn around the neck (with Pelts in a more wider and spread pattern). These were seen as were the earlier Medieval Mantlet (or short cape). Warm in the cold was seen as there primary use. The Tippet in a cloth and or linen form was seen used by Members of The English Anglican Church – as part of their vestments. Versions are still in use today.