Thraex Gladiator

  • Ancient Rome
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Used to represent “Gauls” or “Thracians” during “Battle Spectacles”, these “Barbarian” Gladiators wore a decorative helmet shaped as a Griffin (mythical Greek Beast). The helmet had a sweeping front (to deflect blows). Greek Sica or Falx Swords were preferred. They were also issued much smaller squared shields (similar to the rounded Parma Shield). The wore loincloths, but also were allowed heavy padded Bracae-type Trousers (to enhance their “barbarian” appearance). They used a type of leather Greaves for lower leg protection, as well. They also used a heavy linen arm wrap (laced with leather strapings) – to “simulate” The Manica Arm Armor.